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How can vGroup International help you today?

How do I create an account?

If you are a new customer, you will need to create an account before placing an order on the vLink site. This can be done online using the link https://onlineordering.vgroupinternational.com/Registration, alternatively if you can contact our customer services team on sales@vgroupinternational.com

How do I reset my password?
If you are an existing customer, but are not sure of your account details, you can reset your password by following the instruction on the following link https://onlineordering.vgroupinternational.com/forgotten-password, if you find that you need further assistance, you can also contact us on sales@vgroupinternational.com and the team will be happy to help.


I am logged into vLink, which business area do I need?

vGroup International is the largest manufacturer and distributor of motor accessories in the UK, providing goods to motor manufacturers, dealer groups, fleet, leasing and retail outlets. To help you navigate our site, please see the breakdown below:

vLease: If you are a leasing company, or you have been instructed by a leasing company to order a driver pack for a fleet or leasing vehicle, please use the vLease business area.

vComms: If the product you would like to order needs to be fitted to a vehicle by an engineer (i.e. ply lining kits, towbars, livery, electrics etc.) please use the vComms business area.

vGroup for Dealers: If you are looking to purchase branded or non-branded stocks for your own dealership or connected sites, used car outlet, or other automotive retailer please use the vGroup Dealers business area.


How do I order goods on vLink?

vGroup have created some online videos to help you order through our vLink site, please see these listed below:


vGroup for Dealers

Who is my best contact at vGroup International?

To meet our team, please follow the below link:


Delivery and service

Delivery times will vary between business areas, please see below for these KPIs:

vLease Driver packs and accessories operate to a 3-day KPI, if you order goods on a Tuesday, vGroup will dispatch from our warehouse on the Wednesday via a 24hr courier service. There are additional options to upgrade this delivery service, and even to opt for a same day dispatch function.

vComms We aim to complete all fitments within 3-5 days of the order request. However, we also have the option online to pre-select dates up to 3 months in advance to assist with conversions and batch deals.

vGroup for Dealers Goods ordered through the Dealer business area work to a 3-5 day KPI depending on batch quantities and product type. Items that do not require branding or packing are typically received on the 3rd day.


What initiatives does vGroup have to reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment?

vGroup is constantly improving their systems, products and materials to reduce our business’s environmental impact. Please see below for a small sample of initiatives which have already launched:

Car Mat Materials: All our rubber mats are fully recyclable, and the backing on our carpet mats are made from recycled materials.

Screenwash Pods: We have replaced our stocks of bottled screenwash with a revolutionary pod alternative – each tablet can produce up to 5L of screenwash when diluted with water. In the first 6 months after launch, using this eco alternative reduced plastic bottle usage by 500,000 units.

Number Plates: Our vPlate product uses an aluminium backing which reduces plastic usage, as well as being recyclable after use.

Single Use Plastics: Our factory is on the journey to completely removing single use plastics from our operation. This includes sourcing recyclable packaging materials for goods we dispatch, controlling the use of plastics in our supply network, and utilising reusable delivery solutions where we can.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Our purchasing team are transitioning many of the products in our range to be more locally sourced, and in some cases produced in house, to further reduce transport costs and lower our carbon usage.

Deicer: We have changed the components of our P1 Autocare deicer so this product is completely free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).