vGroup International is a full process supplier to all sectors of the new car market. Supplying Motor Manufacturers for Tier 1 and Tier 2 direct supplies, to accessory departments, the fleet leasing industry, dealers and dealer groups and major retail outlets.

vGroup International operates in UK, China and the United States of America and will be soon opening an outlet in Australia. It is looking further to establish itself in the Middle East and South Africa.

Providing motor accessory essentials on a local and global basis enjoying excellent economies of scale. With sourcing, warehousing and manufacturing in the UK two plants, China (2 plants) vGroup International has full sourcing design, development, warehousing and logistics. The group is unique in the respect that it is not a single product company and has full supply chain management. Operating under the vGroup banner for sourcing and supplies to Motor Manufacturers and Importers and the Fleet and Leasing industry, with Profile Autones being its brand for a retail products. A range of motoring essentials, beautifully packaged to create an unsurpassed brand and product range for retailers throughout the world.